Petroleum Trading and Transportation

Duong Dong JSC has many experiences in petroleum transportation in Viet Nam. We own the oil tanker fleet, which could satisfied transshipment (STS) and transportation as per technical and safety requirements of regulations.

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We have been supplying in time services, safety in technical, ensuring quality and quantity in transferred cargoes. Our staffs are qualified the professional crews, the oil forwarders in the field of transportation and oil product forwarding. We are increasingly prestige in the oil shipping and transportaion market, and the Customers have trusted in us more and more.

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We have many traditional customers on the trading field of domestic and temporarily and re-exported petroleum. We commit to deliver the petroleum in time with the corrected quality and quantity as the requirements of Customers.

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Duong Dong’s tanker fleet:

NONameRegister No.DeadweightClassPump rateAverage speed
01DUONG DONG 02SG – 58111.700 tonsSI400 M3/h8 kts
02DUONG DONG 18VNSG-2076-TD1.100 tonsVRH I Tanker300 M3/h10 kts

Contact information:


Petroleum Trading and Transportation Department

Address: No. 21 – 23 O Street, My Giang 2, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: (+84) 5414 5959 – 5415 6969 (Ext: 337 – Sales Department) Fax: (+84) 5415 5959 Tax code: 0304383964 Email: Hotline: 0979 23 68 69 – Mr. Vinh

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